4 comentarios en “Me asomo 2

  1. maryannniemczura

    You have combined the Swedish and Spanish cultures so well in your artistry. I loved southern Span when I visited during my student days in Heidelberg, Germany. Today I live and write in Upstate New York. Your tiny water color paintings are delicate and filled with love. Thank you for such a lovely post!

    1. Anna Autor

      Thank you so very much!!! So happy for your message and I can see that you know about european culture…I also thik that my swedish roots are reflected in my work…consciously or unconsciously…
      South of Spain is where my summer paradice is 😉
      Hope you’ll have a nice day!

      1. maryannniemczura

        After having studied three years in Heidelberg and having taught as a Fulbright Exchange Teacher twice in Germany, one year each time, I think I know a little about European culture. I love languages and cultures and visited Sweden a few times. Just loved it there but even in summer the lakes were too cold for me! I have a blogger friend from the UK who is originally from Sweden, and we share much in common including having studied in Germany. Enjoy the rest of your week. Thank you for conversing with me.

      2. Anna Autor

        So interesting – so many years in Europe… What did you missed the most from US? …and whar do you appreciate most abour your country now? I can see Sweden with different eyes now when I’m not living there…

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