Anna Åström   

Tiny art painter / silversmith / poet – born in Sweden 1972, living in Spain
Painting watercolour miniatures loyal to the traditional technique with the paper as the only white and the water as the only light – all with brush.
Exposing art since 1986

«There are two things in life that, since always, give me a very special energy – zest of life – Nature and Creating.»

«From my childhood in Sweden I especially remember the birch trees climbing the mountain behind the house, the lake where we  went for summer night swims and the creek with the bottomless well that never froze in wintertime. I remember the abandoned lambs that we had to bottle-feed in spring and the yellow fields of dandelion,… Memories that I keep and care for as tiny images, treasures, inspiration for countless hours of drawing, painting, fantasising… Creating.”

Everything starts with a dream

At the age of 14, Anna Åström got the opportunity to present her paintings for the first time. After that, through studies and early working life, followed several exhibitions and collaborations.

Now, sience many years, Anna is living and working in Spain. Exhibiting watercolour miniatures in Europe since 2016, she has a permanent collaboration with Juca Claret Art Gallery in Madrid and also with Frans Vanhove Art Gallery in Leuven, Belgium. Next to her studio, she has a workshop for handmade silver jewellery, where she also incorporates the watercolour miniatures.

Anna has published several illustrated poetry books, both in Spanish and Swedish.

The small things make life big

”Painting miniatures is to pay special attention to the tiny things. Think about it – they make such a difference in the right place in right time; a drop of water, a bumblebee… or just a smile.”