Anna Åström

Contact for exhibition or to request for your personal miniature:

annaastrom@mail.com    /    Instagram: @annaastrom_art

Born in Sweden 1972

Exposing art, in diferent materials and techniques, since 1986. For the moment working with watercolour painting miniatures – all with brush.

Living and working in Spain since 1993

There are two things in life that, since always, give me a very special energy – zest for life – those are Nature and Create.

Everyhing starts with a dream…

From my childhood I especially remember the hill with birch climbing the mountain behind the house, the lake where we swam in the summernight and the creek with the black well that never froze in wintertime. I remember the orphan lambs that we had to bottle-feed in spring and the yellow fields of dandelion,… Memories that I keep and care as small images.

I also used spend a lot of hours drawing, painting, cutting, pasting, fantasizing…


At age 14 I got the opportunity to present my paintings for the first time, acrylics on canvas – pretty big – and after that followed studies, several exhibitions and collaborations.

The small details make life big

Since always I pay special attention to the small details; a smile, a word, a breeze, an image, a tone…

All big parts from small.

Now, since many years, I’m living and working in Spain. I have a workshop for handmade jewellery and, shaded by old oak trees, I try to see and save those details – small images that inspire me and that always have something to do with the nature that gives me balance and harmony.